The Call

Being involved in the campaign against abortion is vital. The first step that everyone can take is to begin with prayer and fasting. You can pray at any time and in any place. Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, pray to end abortion.

And you can pray for God’s guidance for those involved in prayer vigils and pro-life action in Fort Worth or around the country. To receive prayer requests during the campaign via e-mail, visit us online at

You can also be involved by attending a round-the-clock prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood center or other abortion facility in your community or one nearby.

The prayer vigil is a peaceful and educational presence. Those who are called to stand witness during this 24-hour-a-day presence send a powerful message to the community about the tragic reality of abortion. It also serves as a call to repentance for those who work at the abortion center and those who patronize the facility. To find a location where a prayer vigil is occurring go to

Finally, you can be involved in community outreach. During 40 Days for Life, the pro-life message is proactively taken to every corner of your community. A door-to-door petition and education drive reaches out to every household in your town or city. Go to to learn how you can help in community outreach.